Our mission

Cascina La Goliarda wants to create a new concept of hospitality and travel by promoting integration and social inclusion. The structure is committed to promoting the work placement of individuals with physical, mental, economic and social frailties. Through projects, internships and work experiences the person becomes an active part of the context in which he operates and has the opportunity to develop greater personal autonomy, to acquire work skills and above all to live in a protected environment but at the same time in contact with people.
In this way the guest, the traveler, the tourist live an experience that goes beyond the discovery of a place and its cultural and natural attractions, also discovering the importance and beauty of the bond with the people who live in that place. One of the dimensions of sustainable tourism is constituted precisely by the social sphere, understood both as knowledge of the local culture but also in a broader sense as contact with fragile and difficult people. The journey thus becomes an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the exchange of experiences, stories and smiles of other people and allows you to return enriched with positive values ​​such as altruism, sharing and social integration. Traveling for us means discovery and knowledge of the place but also of people overcoming social boundaries.